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Why BMR is important for you and why you should know it?

You probably know that if you eat too much and move too little, you gain weight much more easily. But do you know why this happens? What determines that some people eat a lot and are slim and others, no matter how limited their meals are, still struggle to lose every gram? Let's focus on the reasons that we can influence, let's focus on BMR.

I won't surprise you by saying that each of us is different. We differ in appearance, character, likes and dislikes, but also in metabolism. Due to our personal characteristics and lifestyle we have completely different energy needs and basic metabolism. The basal metabolism in turn is responsible for how many calories you should take in during the day to function efficiently. This is the absolute minimum for regeneration, organ function or efficient thinking.

If you are thinking about body recomposition, such as fat loss or muscle building, a reliable calculation of BMR (basal metabolic rate) should be your starting point. Thanks to this indicator and accurate calculation of what you eat during the day, you will be able to determine whether you are functioning in negative, neutral or positive energy balance. And excess energy, or positive energy balance = excessive pounds.

In simple terms, the relationship is as follows:

  •     negative energy balance - we lose weight
  •     neutral energy balance - we maintain weight
  •     positive energy balance - we gain weight

You do not know what your BMR is? No problem. Fortunately, at any time you can catch up and educate yourself. Type "BMR calculator" into the search engine, enter your data and see what comes out. You will be asked about your gender, weight, height, but also about your daily physical activity style. It also matters whether you work in an office and move little or if you do physical work. Every parameter that affects your energy needs during the day matters!

Now - what do you see in the result? 1600 kcal? 1800? Add the calories you know you burn during physical activity throughout the day and you get the result of the kcal you need to provide to your body to come out at zero. A surplus, as I already mentioned, will cause weight gain, a deficiency - weight loss. Isn't it simple? Do you see now how harmful for you can be diets of 1000 kcal or less?

Remember, only after correct BMR calculation you can start counting calories, planning your diet and activity. Of course, as long as you care about reliable and long-term results. Without knowing your caloric ceiling you are not able to optimally manage your activity and diet. You are also not able to set goals which you will later successfully achieve! The yo-yo effect is guaranteed. After all, how much can you starve yourself at the expense of your own body and basic life functions?


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