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"Kulturystyka. Muscle IQ. Strategia treningu" by Leszek Michalski - REVIEW

Among dozens of popular books on strength training I sometimes come across a real gem. Such a gem is a not very widely known, also Polish, probably never translated, but abundant in knowledge and training tips position of Leszek Michalski. You won't find here any sweater history or storytelling. Pure knowledge, simple solutions and hints, real bodybuilding guide.

Leszek Michalski himself, trainer and specialist in bodybuilding, has already published several training books. In this one we have training methods for beginners and already advanced bodybuilders.


What can you expect?

A reliable guide to the muscular system and exercises for individual muscles or even muscle parts. Going further - quoting the author:
    The handbook contains a wealth of photographic material. It is packed with knowledge about anatomy, biomechanics and training strategies. In order to understand how to train effectively, one must delve into the knowledge of the muscle attachments being trained, their structure, function and capabilities. This book prepares you to change your physique safely, easily, and most importantly, quickly and effectively. Plus: two posters of the muscle system (front and back).


What did Muscle IQ captivate me personally?

Must read for anyone interested in improving their appearance and motor skills. This book is useful not only for bodybuilders, who want to modify their workouts in an interesting way to achieve better physique, but also for anyone interested in wise and sensible training to improve strength, endurance and overall fitness. It is packed with professional terms and photographs illustrating the exercises performed.


Do I really recommend it to everyone?

No. Only if you have the time and the passion for fitness. The vastness of anatomy and biomechanics may overwhelm the "untrained eye", but for true fitness&wellness fans it will be a solid addition to their knowledge, but most of all a discovery of new horizons instead of copying the beaten paths.


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