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How to Motivate Yourself if You Don't Want to Exercise?

Training, in order to produce the desired results, should first and foremost be regular. However, each of us has moments in our history when we just don't want to. I'm not talking about the fact that you don't have time and you've badly organized your day. I'm talking about simple laziness that gets us when we least expect it. Everything was going according to plan and suddenly... you don't want to. You know you should, but you don't know how to force yourself. Is it even worth forcing yourself?

You are probably looking for ways to motivate yourself? The reliable ones that always work. I've been looking for ways to motivate myself and I can't guarantee that the ones I've tried will work for you. Nevertheless, I think it's worth trying?



This is a cliché, but in my case it worked best. Of course it all depends on what type of personality you are, but if you like order, organization and have an analytical mind, you can't do without a plan. I've noticed one simple correlation - a plan = I exercise, no plan = I don't exercise. It is worth to think about the plan first, consult with a specialist, and then always have a plan with you until it "gets into your blood":)



It works when, for example, you want to lose weight. Look in the mirror, with or without clothes, depending on what appeals to you. In the beginning, when you see you're making progress and you're still watching #fitinstagram, then a quick check in the mirror can motivate you a lot!
Once you've achieved your desired results, objective observation of yourself can also snap you out of your lazy lethargy and convince you to put on your gym clothes. For me it's the muscle vs. fat progress that appeals, but as I say - you know best what motivates you when you look in the mirror.



Nothing works so well for stagnation and plateau effect as changing the training plan. There are cases (such as Arnold Schwarzenegger) who followed one plan all his life with only minor modifications. However there are also people who need and like changes. Apart from the psychological aspect there is also a matter of proper stimulation of the muscular system. When you perform one plan for a long time, the tissue gets used to the stimuli. You get into adaptation and then you stop seeing the effects in the mirror. As you can see, it's all connected vessels, ultimately resulting in a decrease of your motivation.
How often to change the plan? This is a highly individual issue, you can try it yourself, but also an experienced trainer knows exactly when to make changes to optimize the effects of training.



Music is great motivation both before and during the workout. Energetic, upbeat music can convince you to go to workout and to train better, harder. I discourage depressing, melancholic and heavy metal ;) According to research, listening to music during training increases its intensity by up to 20%! But don't overdo it with the volume and intensity, because it can lead to health problems and overtraining.



Speaking of overtraining. Sometimes, contrary to what I wrote earlier, it's not worth going to a workout:

  •     Maybe you ate something hard to digest? Don't go, your body will focus on digestion anyway (it's better for you anyway) than on pumping blood to your muscles.
  •     Maybe you are sleep deprived? Don't go, take a short nap first. Believe me, in this case sleep is better than training.
  •     Are you overtrained, overtired from your workouts? Don't go, take a short detox from training and I guarantee you'll come back with redoubled strength. The nervous system, just like the muscular system can get tired and then it is definitely better to wait.
  •     Maybe you are sick? Don't go for sure. Get well first.


I hope the ideas and solutions presented here will lighten your mind a bit as to what to do when you really don't want to and encourage you to look within yourself for answers. By doing this, I am assuming that the workout you want to do and the plan you have developed is in line with your goals and dreams. If this is not the case and you are forcing yourself to do weight training, for example, then the topic is much deeper and requires separate consideration.