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What Outdoor Training Does For You?

You know it as well as I do. You sit at home. You walk to the car. From the car to the office. Then maybe to the gym. Back to the car. And back home again. At the weekend some cinema, theater, swimming pool. Do you see a pattern? 

From box to box. We are constantly swapping one box for another. 

And for us, homo sapiens sapiens, from an evolutionary point of view, this is a very fresh pattern of activity, alien to our body, to our health. Luxurious, yes. But luxury is also a new phenomenon for our species and, therefore, a stressor.

The salvation for our bodies and minds is to return to the roots. Not necessarily permanently, but as often as possible. No longer Think outside of the box, but rather Step outside of the box

Here are some subjectively most important reasons why for us, working people confined within four walls, going for a workout outdoors should be a nice and beneficial pastime, and sometimes even a way of healing.


Prevention of depression

Nothing better than sunshine has been invented. Not only depression is a result of vitamin D3 deficiency, but also muscle pain, joint pain, gum problems and much more. Vitamin D3, on the other hand, is a major effect of sun exposure. At our latitude, 15 minutes of daily exposure with a minimum of 25% of uncovered skin between 12 and 3 p.m. is sufficient during the summer season. It seems so simple. Nevertheless, ask yourself if you daily indulge in these beneficial "baths", what about in autumn, winter? Supplementation. Naturally, the amount of sunrises coming through the clouds is much lower then, but it still improves your mood, even in the freezing cold, doesn't it?

Deep relaxation and stimulation of creativity

You know how a child looks at the world. In awe. Delight yourself, too. Get out into the fresh air, take a walk and relax your tense, tired body. Be inspired by nature and what it has to offer. Don't think about tables and results. Try the new! Look at everything as if you were looking at it for the first time and look for training "equipment" - a staircase, a hill, a tree, the shoreline of the sea, a lake? You can swim, run on the beach, do interval training on a hill. It all depends on your ingenuity and willingness. And even more fun! 

Oxygenation and a great night's sleep

Again, you won't get as much oxygen at any gym or rope park as you will at an outdoor gym (yes!) or a mini climb in the mountains. By remembering to breathe properly, you will not only relax your body during the workout, but you will also oxygenate your body cells, and when you return you will fall into a deep sleep. Outdoor training done regularly (even if it's just walking) is the magic cure for insomnia. I hint, it's best to oxygenate in the evening as well, interesting dreams guaranteed.

Miraculous health transformations

Apart from the aforementioned vitamin D3, any regular outdoor workout has endless proven health benefits. In my opinion, the most important of these relate to lowering blood pressure and reducing stress. According to the National Health Service report, almost half of all Poles have hypertension, how many of us are depressed - hard to say, probably more than are treated.

Give yourself a chance and try this always known, but in the era of sports centers business development, often overlooked method of contact with nature. 


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JUSTYNA WENECKA | personal trainer