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Motivation vs. Discipline. Alternative definitions

The question of what is more important - discipline or motivation - is a question that is old is the world. The topic always returns with New Year's resolutions, dramatic changes in life and decisions like "starting Monday I'm going on a diet."


Let's talk about definitions. I'm not going to copy wikipedia. I'll show you what motivation is from a practitioner's point of view and what discipline is on the way to achieving goals (figure, fitness and any other).



An impulse as sudden as diarrhea. An uncontrollable urge to act that pushes you to start and gives you a kick. A shot of dopamine, keeping you on your feet and not letting you stop. If you don't do it now, you never will! Of course, this is not true. Motivation tells you to act now, even when you don't have to at all. It is the mother of injuries, hasty and ill-considered decisions and all discouragements. DEmotivation's nicer sister. It also happens that motivation is the indirect cause of many successes. This happens only when you, as it were, transform it into ....




Uhm, that doesn't sound sexy anymore, does it? Discipline sounds like overbearing boredom, monotony, sleaze, routine (add your associations).

And all in all, you're right. Because that's exactly what discipline is from the point of view of someone who is just beginning his journey with changing habits, working on himself, or from the point of view of someone who can't pass the magic door of routine.

Discipline is sticking with yourself and repeating whatever works and gets you closer to your goal. Whether we're talking about going to school, brushing your teeth, eating dinner, going to the gym or learning to play the saxophone. Discipline doesn't come out of nowhere (like motivation). It comes as you work hard. You roll up your sleeves and force yourself. Sorry, I know you wanted to hear something different, but you won't. Discipline is sweat, tears, fighting with yourself, working when you don't want to and when you do. You work for yourself because you have a goal, a vision, because you know why you're doing it, and you know that if you give up, it won't do itself. It's a habit.

Discipline is the victory of your willpower over laziness. And believe me, from an evolutionary perspective and knowing how your brain functions, this is a horrendous feat.


The bottom line - without motivation you won't get started. Without discipline you won't persevere, ergo you won't achieve anything. Ba, without discipline you will also undermine any subsequent motivation to take action. That's how it works. That's how we are. That's how you are.



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