Wenecka - trener personalny

How you should train with a personal trainer?

The answer to this question will not surprise you. It depends. On what - you ask? First of all, it depends on what your training goals are and on the skills of the trainer. After all, stretching training for twine, for example, is completely different from endurance training or strengthening the quadriceps muscles of the thigh.

However, there are some fixed elements that you can expect when going for personal training.

But before we get to the core, download a VISUAL GUIDE to help you understand the process!




  • In the first step, your trainer should ask you a lot of questions about your health, fitness, diet and goal. Most often we conduct a questionnaire, complete a personal questionnaire, a medical history, and ask for test results. 
  • In the second step, we implement various types of tests - functional tests, fitness tests, mobility tests. What kind of tests these are depends on the particular trainer and the previous interview. 

⭐Before the first meeting, I send a guide on how to prepare for the first training and what to keep in mind (I haven't seen other trainers do this, so I'll mark it with an asterisk;))




  • You meet the trainer at an agreed place, such as a gym, a club, in the woods. The trainer conducts a brief interview about your well-being, difficulties and has a plan developed for you. It is a good idea to present this plan beforehand. In my work, I prepare two plans: a regular individual plan and an individual plan for a particular workout. I outline what we are going to do, what groups to activate, at what pace, what the warm-up, the actual workout and the end will look like. I also discuss what the homework assignment will be, if I plan one.
  • The trainer demonstrates the exercise with an explanation and then....
  • You repeat after the trainer

Note: the first repetitions most often do not come out, but do not worry, it's great! After all, you are learning a new movement, that is, you are creating new nerve connections! By developing the body you develop the mind. Can it get any better?

  • In the next step you should hear how and how many repetitions you should do. You move on to the exercises and...
  • The trainer watches over you, assists, helps, corrects. You work on technique for so long until the trainer makes sure you squeeze the maximum out of the exercise and don't hurt yourself.

Exercises are revised and improved on an ongoing basis as needed. The trainer uses and changes the training technique he or she chooses for you (e.g., forced repetitions, strength progressions, etc.) to most favorably affect your results. You may or may not be informed of this. It already depends on individual preference and whether you are interested in it at all ;-)


Your role during personal training is to listen carefully, trust the specialist and follow instructions. Of course - if a problem arises, report it immediately! We are here for your health.


  • And such work continues throughout the training. With each exercise, the trainer keeps an eye on your posture, technique, quality of repetitions, pace. Already we humans are so constructed that we revert to old movement patterns, we constantly lose our posture, we let go and go easy. We give up. That's what you have help for.

A good trainer will make sure that none of this happens, so that you get the most out of all your training time.




  • A properly conducted workout should end with a cool down, and there may also be a recommendation (and instruction!) for cardio.
  • As I mentioned, you may be given a homework or post-workout assignment. And of course - you can enjoy the results and be proud of yourself! 

Naturally, this is the model process of working with a properly selected personal trainer who cares about.... You. Did you happen to be disappointed with your training? Did you miss something? Or maybe the trainer, instead of taking care of himself, talked about his wonderful life and checked (his) biceps in the mirror and (his) profiles on Instagram? If so, you already know why something didn't work for you and what requirements you should set for your next personal training sessions. Don't lower the bar. She should always be high!


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I invite ou to trainings and consultations,

JUSTYNA WENECKA | personal trainer