Wenecka - trener personalny

Beautiful posture for everybody? Is it possible?

I always say that orthopedist, neurosurgeon and physiotherapist are the professions of the future. Unfortunately. Not because they have extraordinary skills, but because we humans are stupid. By ourselves, at our own request, despite knowledge, awareness, the widest access to news in the history of the world - we are destroying our health.




  • we sit too much and for too long
  • we adopt habitually incorrect movement patterns (hunching, pelvis curled up, etc.)
  • we don't do sports
  • we look at our phones while bending our heads
  • when we do play sports, we do so foolishly, going for records or bodybuilding competitions, without the care of a professional, without knowing about our health, etc.

If you don't ask for help in a timely manner, of your own accord and willingness, don't put in the effort, then be sure that later you will have to pay dearly for help, wait for appointments, and worst of all pay with your time (wasted), deteriorating health and quality of life.

I have several answers to this, and ideas as well. Today, however, I'm going to focus on the king of all workouts - weight training. Let's talk about how strength training can affect your posture.


Subjectively selected benefits of optimally conducted strength training:


  • strengthening weakened and inactivated tissues
  • restoration of flexibility of contracted muscles
  • equalization of asymmetries that have been created and perpetuated over the years
  • taking care of and strengthening the work of the joints with the right proportions of strength (most often I fix broken knees or shoulders).
  • strengthening the core muscles (abdomen, back) that keep the body in a verticalized position - free weights are most often used here
  • relieving pain symptoms associated with bad habits
  • improving breathing and oxygenation
  • improving the function of internal organs (through, for example, balancing tissue tension)


Don't worry, you are not alone. I was too when I started taking strength training seriously. Previously, I connected it only with bodybuilders and something completely from another planet, unattainable and of course - unnecessary to me. Because what was the point? After all, I was working with my head and not my body anyway, I didn't need to have Apollo's physique. Fortunately, I wised up in time, and so did all the clients I work with forcibly. 

Know, however, that Rome was not built in one day. This work took years and hectoliters of sweat and endorphins. Strength training gives you small progressions every day, but getting to the status quo in posture takes time. I compensated for any disproportions and postural defects I had. Ba, I repaired my damaged cervical spine and avoided a wheelchair after an injury - ONLY because I had a strong muscular system. But about that another time.

Now that you know all this, has anything changed in your life? Will you give it a try? Will you give yourself a chance? If so - report back to me and we'll see what we can do together.


I invite ou to trainings and consultations,

JUSTYNA WENECKA | personal trainer