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Book Review: "Arnold: The Education of a Bodybuilder", Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Born in a small town in Austria. Bodybuilder. Seven-time Mr. Olympia. Youngest Mr. Universe in history. Started bodybuilding training at the age of 15. Creator of the Arnold Sports Festival. Hollywood actor. Celebrity. Entrepreneur. Former governor of California. Man-legend. An advertisement for success, the American dream, discipline and motivation in one person. One could go on for so long listing. Meanwhile, for me personally - the greatest authority on the psychology of success and training. So let's dive a little into his world, look at life through his eyes.

The book Arnold: Education of a Bodybuilder is a must-have and cult item for any strength sports coach. I would also add - for anyone with a keen interest in sports and the realization of sports (and not only) goals. 

What will you find in the book?

First of all, you will once again have the opportunity to meet the author of the now legendary "I'll be back", experience his sense of humor and.... arrogance. But, but, this arrogance absolutely does not offend, nay, with all Arnold's charm it constitutes his uniqueness and character. As the chapters go by, you will learn about his (not at all easy) path to the realization of his dreams, the story of the biggest and, it would seem, unfulfillable goals at the time. And yet he succeeded. How did he do it? How did he accomplish the impossible?

The book consists of two main parts. 
The first part tells the story of Arnold's life - his background, his tough childhood, his poverty, the birth of his dream and the road to achieving his dream. We learn about Arnold's relationship with his parents, his brother's story and the lessons Arnold learned for himself from each experience. Interestingly, you won't find self-pity here but a powerful dose of motivation to play sports and follow the dream. Arnold makes you realize that anything can be accomplished, you just have to want it and.... work very, very hard. 

The second part of the book is devoted to training. From it you will learn Arnold's exercise methodology and dietary schedules. I especially appreciate the widely spread training plans, including training at the gym and at home. True, you'll find exercises on machines, but don't be fooled - Arnold is an absolute master of free-weight exercises, and expect most such workouts! What's more, the hero not only talks about the hard aspects of training, but also about the mental approach, attitude to training or motivation. A real gem.

What won't you find in the book?

Boredom and self-pity. Nor will you find excuses for giving up and giving up on your dreams. Arnold is a living testimony to what he talks about. 
Take advantage, read!


Have you already had the pleasure of reading this book? Is it on your "to-read" list, or not necessarily?



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