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Stories of Success

Let me introduce you to 6 unique success stories. These are stories of my clients who achieved more than they set out to do. All they had to do was make the right decision.

I selected only 6 stories and believe me, it wasn't easy. After all, each story is unique, and everyone who decides to make changes, overcomes their complexes, goes out of their comfort zone, recovers and learns new skills, deserves a medal and an award. Who knows, maybe in time I'll publish more editions of this kind of coaching portfolio and describe more?

Maybe you will find a piece of yourself in one of the stories? Or maybe your story is the same as one of the presented ones (which one)? Maybe your story is just being written?

What is there to encourage you - read and be inspired to change. You can also view the document in full-screen mode or download it for backup. It's a pdf.



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JUSTYNA WENECKA | personal trainer