Wenecka - trener personalny

Italian Way - Chicken Perfect Before & After Training

This meal can be in the following versions:

  •     post-workout (if you are doing e.g. strength training; I give you the exact proportions below)
  •     pre-workout - just add for example 50 g of bread roll, rice or potatoes

Ideal for:

chicken and meat fans in general
fans of Italian cuisine
busy people
fans of one-pot cooking


Diet Summary:
Making time: 30 min.
Calories: 352
Macronutrients per person:
Protein - 34 g
Fat - 18 g
Carbohydrates: 15 g
Eating time: short :)

You can swap the ingredients, e.g. if you don't like chicken, you can give tofu, but then remember that the macronutrients will be different!


  •     80 g chicken breast
  •     cherry tomatoes
  •     50 g mozzarella
  •     100 g eggplant
  •     chives
  •     chilli or chilli flakes
  •     5 g olive oil
  •     5 g parmesan cheese
  •     200 g canned tomatoes (I used Mutti)
  •     Seasonings: salt, pepper, oregano, turmeric tarragon, basil, herbs de Provence, garlic (as desired)



In a pot I prepare the tomato sauce - canned tomatoes or passata, salt, pepper, a pinch of turmeric and basil. Once boiling, I pour into an ovenproof dish.
In a bowl I mix the ingredients for the marinade: oil, herbs and spices together with chilli.
After washing the chicken, I cut it into strips of about 4-5 pieces from 1 breast, depending on the size.
I cut the eggplant into fairly thin strips, about 0.5 cm thick.
I also cut the mozzarella into strips (slightly thicker than the eggplant). Chop the chilli.
Chicken and eggplant "roll" in the marinade. I put the eggplant on baking paper and put it for a few minutes in a preheated oven at 180 degrees C. The chicken stays in the marinade.
After the eggplant has softened, I remove it from the oven and, as it cools slightly, I start making "rolls" of the main ingredients, in order:

eggplant, chicken from marinade, mozzarella - I tie with chives

I place the "rolls" in an ovenproof dish, on top of the still warm tomato sauce. Place cherry tomato halves in between.
Put the open ovenproof dish into the oven at 180 degrees C for about 20 minutes.
After removing the dish sprinkle it with parmesan cheese.