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The art of self-motivation: how to mantain regular online exercising routine?

When it comes to physical activity, there are always "more interesting" things to do. I put more interesting in quotation marks because they may be more exciting from a dopamine point of view, but it has an ad hoc effect while leaving us worse off than we were before. After these "more interesting" activities, we feel more tired after a rest that was, after all, supposed to relax us, because it didn't require any form of movement. Everyone starts out at some point, but not everyone gives themselves a chance to persevere in their resolutions. Sometimes it's a small change that pushes a bigger one. Do you want to exercise online with a trainer, with a group or just with videos available online for free? You want to change something in your life and start taking care of yourself, but.... Well, that's exactly it. But somehow you find yourself exercising again today and again tomorrow? Learn my practical and effective tips for keeping your online workouts regular.


No. 1: Set the goals

You must have a goal. Without it, you won't move forward. The goal should be measurable, realistic, time-bound and exciting. This is such a basis. It has to challenge you, but it can't be fantastic (read: like from Lord of the Rings). An example goal is, for example, to eliminate back pain from sitting within 3 months of exercising 3x a week. I don't know about you, but on me such a goal immediately works and evokes positive emotions. You can finally get rid of back pain, isn't that great? Doesn't it encourage you to take action? Oh, be sure to write down the goal. You can even affirm it, visualize it, hang it in a prominent place, read it every day. Whatever you find effective in your case.


No. 2: Workout planning aka hire a professional

There are two options here: either you will start planning your workouts yourself so that they make sense, arrange a video playlist for workouts, etc., or hire someone to do it for you. Don't think that because videos are available online and someone who exercises on them looks cool, you will look that way too. It doesn't work that way. Get rid of the thinking that with squats, deadlifts at the gym or hip trusts you will solve all your problems and that all exercises are basically the same. Trainers like mushrooms after rain, but only a few really know how to tailor exercises to the condition, injury, your postural defect, diseases, sensitivities, goals or preferences. A trainer's paper can get anyone, but the knowledge and vocation for the job really changes the character of things. If you're already paying to arrange a personalized plan, pay more and choose someone who knows his trade. Why pay more? Because the true professionals price themselves.


No. 3: Find your internal motivation

This point connects to the first point, goal setting, but has much more to offer. Goals change, but intrinsic motivation stays with us forever. It is the only thing that works in the long run. After all, you can have no matter how hard a whip over you, how effective a trainer and an exercise schedule, but if you don't have within you the real reason why you're doing something and you don't live what you're doing, oxen won't drag you in front of a computer to exercise online. You will persevere for a while and then give up. Internal motivation flows from a deep need, in this case for a better life. What's great is that moment when taking care of yourself becomes an integral part of your identity. And yes, it is achievable for you as well. But first, I encourage you to reflect deeply on your true motivation. You don't have to tell anyone about it.


No. 4: Eliminate obstacles

Oh boy! There's a lot to say here. We love to make excuses. Or time, or money, or we don't know what to do, or school, work, season, weather, animal... you name it. The thing is to know your excuse and trying to re-think your lifestyle to manage the way you cannot stan anymore behind an excuse. Sounds easy, but it needs very specific mindset. If you're familiar with Polish, I invite you to look for podcast Krótko o ruchu (Spotify, Apple podcasts etc.). Search especially episodes 56-59 in which I speak about eliminating excuses and how to manage them wisely.

No. 5: Treat training as a priority

And we have the icing on the cake. Training should be your priority. Note, the priority is one, not several. If you have done your homework and have been scrutinized through the previous points (goal-setting, intrinsic motivation, etc.), then this probably isn't a big problem for you. You know that training is a priority, and if the scheduled one appears on the schedule on Wednesday at 4pm, then even if it's crashing and burning, you'll make it! You can't change plans, agree to other things, procrastinate or procrastinate. This is simply a priority, and yes, you can take care of the whole world, but only after training. I'm talking about this from the point of view of a personal trainer who works with clients and customers online every day. I can see what a big difference it makes in attitude and results whether training is a priority or not. Naturally, to the benefit of those who have made the right decision.


How is it with you? Do you have to force yourself to train online and find inspiration for yourself here, or are all the above points practiced by you? Or do you have your own ways of self-motivation?

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JUSTYNA WENECKA | personal trainer, author of the Absolute Body Control training method.