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3 kinds of hunger. How you fix your relationship with food?

Hunger is familiar to all of us. Most often we associate it with burping in the stomach, but is it only that? Is it by chance that you eat not only when you are really hungry_a? I have always said that understanding the mechanism is the basis and starting point towards changing it. After all, you can't fix a car if you don't know what's broken, right? So let's go through the three main types of hunger. Observe yourself and see where you think "it's about me."


Physiological hunger

The first, basic and primary. It is very easy to recognize, because it generally appears a few hours after the last meal and manifests itself with the aforementioned burping in the abdomen, tightness, weakness, impaired concentration. Importantly, it builds up gradually. It prepares us for the fact that we need to eat something soon, so it's time to take care of the food. It gives us time. Satisfying it gives great satisfaction. From my own field I will say that then everything tastes more distinct. It can be endured, but it is better not to do so.

Emotional hunger

An apparent hunger that comes suddenly. It is controlled by emotions and habits we have developed over the years. The emotions that trigger this feeling of hunger can be different, it can be stress, anxiety, boredom, fatigue, feelings of loneliness, helplessness, lack of love. The need to eat something comes out of nowhere and forces us to eat something as soon as possible, does not give us time to think, prepare. More often than not, it drives us toward a particular product or dish. Interestingly, this hunger does not disappear with eating, as it does with physiological hunger. We may feel guilt for it. Everyone is different, so in order to understand the mechanism, you must first understand yourself and start self-observing the emotions that accompany us before and after eating. Only from this point can you come out looking for solutions to vent your emotions in other ways than through food. This is where I recommend therapy.

Latent hunger, or hunger while dieting

As the name suggests, it often occurs while undergoing a certain diet, especially an elimination diet. However, contrary to appearances, it does not mean at all that this is a normal phenomenon and should be endured in order to, for example, lose weight. This is because latent hunger is associated with vitamin or micronutrient deficiencies, and in order to diagnose them, it is necessary to perform a diagnosis from the blood. There is no other way. Then, with the inclusion of selected supplementation, the situation will improve. Note, this hunger does not manifest itself through burping in the abdomen, it has little to do with physiological hunger. Instead, it can manifest itself in many different ways, causing, for example, a wide spectrum of diseases, depending on what you are deficient in.


As you can see, hunger is unequal to hunger. Do you see yourself here? At which point?
Whether you have problems with food control or not, it's useful to know the mechanisms that govern the body and psyche. Then we can see more ways and finding solutions is much easier.


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