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Basics that you always ignore: how to oxygenate better (and why)?

What do you know about oxygen? How often do you think about getting oxygen? Do you sometimes feel like you're running out of air and overall.... don't do much about it? Well OK, you go to exercise at the gym. Maybe. After all, you breathe involuntarily, the body takes care of oxygen distribution on its own. So this is a process that is completely out of your control, so why analyze it now? What will it change? It will change a great deal*

*as long as you read, think and implement micro, literally micro changes



What happens when you don't have enough oxygen?

To get to the point, first you need to tell yourself what effects you may notice from even mild hypoxia. First of all, it can be dizziness, headaches, darkness in front of the eyes, migraines, apathy, imbalance, loss of consciousness, even death. And these are symptoms that can be seen here and now. As for the symptoms that you won't see with the naked eye right away, and the disease process is going on in the so-called background, it's enough to mention impaired heart, circulatory, lymphatic, immune system, impaired detoxification (heavy metal cleansing really comes in handy), all possible degenerative diseases, or at least old, gray, uglier skin than we'd like. I know, the old look appeals the most and encourages the strongest to read on ;)


Oxygenation of cells happens thanks to the distribution of oxygen through the blood. Naturally, here we have a second process just as important, the removal of CO2, but not about that today, today about oxygen. So, in order for oxygen to reach ALL the body's cells and work, it has to be distributed properly, and it has to be good quality oxygen. As you've already guessed, the best is "rural oxygen", or at least not from polluted city areas. Oxygenation happens so that the cells of the entire body can be maximally NOURISHED. And that is the key word. Oxygen itself may not tell you much and may not move your heart, but the DEATH of the body's cells (liver cells, colon cells, skin cells, brain cells, vein cells), caused precisely by a lack of adequate oxygen, will rather speak to you. The implication is simple - no oxygen, no food, you have to save. And no one likes saving, your body too. Then we switch to survival mode, and believe me, this is not the mode where development and explosion of creative ideas or reaching maxes in deadlifts takes place.

It is worth mentioning here the research of a German Nobel Prize winner, Otto Warburg, which shows the correlation of the lack of adequate oxygenation of the blood with the occurrence of cancer. Mr. Otto extended the research to other diseases and came to the conclusion that the lack of adequate oxygenation of the blood is responsible for all diseases and degenerations. Interesting, isn't it?



Now that we know what the body's oxygenation is for in the first place, then how and what to do to improve it? There are three ways, the best of which I recommend are two.


Method one

Breathing exercises. Here you can also add any meditation, mindfulness training and breath control. I've been testing this solution for a few weeks now and, even though I mostly fall asleep during, I still think I see a difference in the quality of my day. I feel more energetic and my naps are significantly reduced. Open-mouth breathing and diaphragmatic breathing are considered useful breathing methods for saturating oxygen into the blood. I breathe through my nose, but I wrote about it in another article - about here.


Method two

Physical activity. Because how else. And as much as you don't_want_ to hear about it, this is the only medicine that you can't replace with anything. No pill, no therapy, no positive thinking. However, in order for it to work as needed, you need to get out in the fresh air. And it doesn't have to be running marathons at all. Just go for a walk, ride a bike, walk the dog or swim in the lake. Movement greatly increases blood pumping, so that you inject huge amounts of oxygen in a short period of time while discharging large amounts of CO2. Ideally, the activity is of a nature with a slightly elevated heart rate. The best results in blood oxygenation will be recorded by strength training. And that's in the fresh air! Surprised_a? Don't go to a sweaty gym in the summer. Go to the park.


Method three, good, but not recommended

This is the use of arrivals like oxygen bars. True, you can get oxygenated quickly, but - you can also overdose quickly, and you don't want that. For that oxygenation in the fresh air you will never overdose.



And finally, a question I sometimes hear when training or consulting with clients: Is it possible to oxygenate, for example, only the heart, brain or skin to get a youthful glow? You can't. The body is one big, complex system. The sooner you understand and love it, the better for you. Oh, the current oxygenation of your blood you can check, for example, with a saturation device. I don't have one, I don't need one, I'm walk-nature-sport-addicted And I recommend same to you, too. Then you don't have to lock yourself into oxygen bars.



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