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Top 10 Exercises That Everybody Should Include In a Daily Routine

If you're reading this, you know well why you should or should exercise regularly. However, not much is said about what to exercise. Yes, you can find thousands of training plans on the Internet: for running, for high jump records, preparation for bikini or triathlon competitions. You name it. You Google it. 

And that's option one. Google it.

Option two - trainer's support. However, every instructor or teacher has their favorite sets, I assure you. Yet, lifting the shroud of secrecy, I will reveal that most often I see trainers doing the same thing over and over again with their clients. What to do, that's the reality. You can have a passion for your own exercises and not have a passion for teaching and development. And what happens when you have a passion for both exercise and teaching others? Then you know (almost) everything about exercise. Almost, because there is always something we don't know.

I'll invite you to put together a very subjective list. Here are the top 10 exercises that you should or should include in your training. You'll look at the list and say "I'm pumping my muscles, I'm not going to jump!". OK. You have the right to do that. However, in the WENECKA SYSTEM training method I developed, there are no wrong or inappropriate exercises, only wrong execution. Development is worth taking care of comprehensively with this, take the flip-flops off your eyes and.... see what happens. And a lot of good things will happen. Give yourself a chance.



order does not matter



My personal favorite. You can vary the plank depending on your creativity and aptitude. You can find the basic principles in performing an elbow plank in this instructional video: CLICK. 



With kettlebells, with dumbbells, with a punching bag, etc. A wonderful locomotor exercise that, when done correctly, improves our stability, mobilizes the entire body and the muscles of the arms and thighs.



The squat is performed on the soft side of the ball. Another exercise for stability. It makes us strongly engage not only the thighs or buttocks, but also the calf muscles and joints, with a strong emphasis on the ankle joint. By working on balance, you improve your spatial orientation, concentration and build new neural connections, affecting your intellectual abilities.



Unusually, calf exercises are included in this list. Calves are heavily forgotten in gyms, only persistent bodybuilders exercise them, and they exercise because they have to. However, few people are aware of the important function calves have in our body, namely improving blood circulation and reversing the work of gravity by helping to pump blood upward. They are the first "must do" in the prevention of venous stasis or varicose veins.



An integral part of cardio, HIIT workouts and any calorie burners. However, the skipping rope should be paid attention to for other reasons. I will give two selected ones. First, it helps us build fitness and strengthens the heart in the process. Secondly, it increases the flexibility of the fascia, which is responsible for feeling at least tense or relaxed in the body. If you want to try your hand at jumping jacks, take a look at the 30 days with jumping jacks challenge here. Download the pdf or save the image and spend a few tens of seconds or so each day doing the exercise. 



A locomotor exercise that improves motor skills, increases strength and conditioning. As children we all crawled, and then.... we forgot how to do it. Depending on what form of exercise you choose, be sure to do it correctly so as not to cause too much strain, such as on your wrists.



You can row with barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, bottles.... whatever you have at hand. It's important to make sure that your elbows are drawn close to your torso and that you have a neutral back with proper activation and scapular work. In return, you will get a strong back and, of course, arms useful for strengthening the body, building strength and musculature.



Rolling is another exercise useful if you are working on body flexibility and good fascia condition. It is useful not only before training when increasing ranges of motion, but also post-workout, for faster recovery or peri-workout relaxation. It can be used in trigger point therapy, and this is how I do it in my coaching practice. 



We are currently sitting more than ever before in human history. Our cervical segments are subjected to horrendous strains. To avoid negative effects, it is worthwhile to introduce regular neck mobilizations and neck muscle exercises using your own body weight into your practice.



The list could not miss a strictly stretching exercise. When performed correctly, rolling relaxes and allows our joints, muscles or tendons to rest. We take care of the condition of the fascia and lead to a healthy decompression of the spine. We could also perform a bar hang, but this exercise few of us are able to do due to our still weak hands and grip. Stay with rolling.


Which of the exercises do you know and perform? Did any of them surprise you? Would you like to learn the basics of the technique of the mentioned exercises?

Every month, short tutorials on how to perform a particular exercise from the top 10 appear on my Facebook page. Subscribe to be notified of a new video.


You have just learned about one training set that will support most of us. The choice of methods, techniques or a particular movement depends on the training programming and the particular person or goal. So if you need individual support, email me: kontakt@wenecka.com



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